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Chetna – Special Educator/Teacher Training Application

Brief description

Chetna is first of its kind innovative program from the state of Gujarat. It is an innovative and novel teacher training program for cross training and capacity building for teaching Children with Special Needs and Inclusion. It consists of short video led sessions, rich course material, case studies and assessments. The content is provided by world class subject matter experts with vast experience in the field of Special needs education. It is the first program that focused on 21 disabilities in local language. Because of its Unicode the content can be translated in any Indian language. The Pedagogy has latest learning signs and remote learning principles applied for highest level of learning outcome.

The content of the program is being divided into 3 modules as summarized below
  • 101-Basic: Basic Awareness of 21 disabilities as listed by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
  • 201-Effective Educator: This module covers the topics like Attitude, Skills, Child Development, Movement Therapy, Nutrition & Diet
  • 301-Advanced: This module focuses on Child Symptoms, Early Intervention, School and Classroom Preparedness.
  • Apart from the above it also contained Expert Interviews, Case Studies, Reading Resources, Important websites
Objective :

To aware and build the capacity of IE-CwSN field staff, and In-Service Teachers on inclusion of CwSN in school and classroom and to create a productive and inclusive climate where the CwSN can excel across multiple myriad fields with basic academics and adequate life skills.

Coverage of the initiatives :

In phase I, 1071 Special Educators (SEs) of Elementary Classes (1-8) and in phase II, 1030 SEs of secondary schools were trained. Currently, the training of approximately 2 lakh In-Service teachers is in progress. Further it is planned to upload the program content on Diksha portal to benefit the large group of learners.

Outcomes/Impact of the initiative :
  • Basic awareness of 21 disabilities listed by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
  • Practical Tips and knowledge on Role of a Special Educator and In-Service Teachers.
  • Special Educator and In-Service Teachers get cross trained and hence have larger bandwidth.
  • Cost saving on classroom logistics.
  • Access to abundance of learning resources such as audio, video and text-based content related to multiple disabilities.
  • Interactive learning: Learning on application helping Special Educator and In-Service Teachers to eliminate the communication gap between the learner and facilitator.
  • Paper less and Transportation less thereby better Environment.
  • Portability- Learn anywhere, anytime, anything (related to disabilities).