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Civil & Infrastructure

Samagra Shiksha has the ‘in house’ Civil Engineering Department which looks after all the infrastructural facilities in the schools of Gujarat. It has 245 nos. of engineers at block level 36 nos. of engineers at district level and 20 nos. of engineers at state level for monitoring & supervision of civil works. Also 17 Assistant Architects at block level and 4 at state level for preparation of building plans. Also hiring the consultancy services for structural design of the works.

Civil Branch of Samagra Shiksha Gujarat state office is having a well-defined functional structure.

Whole School Development Plan:

Samagra Shiksha Gujarat has developed infrastructure assessment form for Whole School Development Plan (WSDP). The various details of the primary school viz. general information, campus environment, academic information, infrastructure details, details of classrooms, boundary wall, availability of separate toilet for Girls & Boys, drinking water facility & MDM kitchen shed have been incorporated in the form. The status of available facilities is compared with standard norms. Whole school development plan is developed in a well defined format which includes general information about school, infrastructural details (campus, boundary wall, toilets, classroom, playground, drinking water facilities, hand wash facilities, mid-day meal kitchen shed and store). A detailed questionnaire is developed on every topic to monitor the overall infrastructure of the school.

Key activities of civil branch:

Civil branch is responsible for the overall infrastructure development of school environment. Following are the list of major work done by the civil branch:

  • Development of school building
  • Development of Green schools and Building as Learning Aid (BaLA)
  • Supply and installation of water purification system
  • Establishment of rain water harvesting system
  • Construction of new classrooms
  • Toilet boys and Girls for Normal and Children with Special Need
  • Up gradation schools
  • Furniture for schools and classrooms
  • Construction of Teacher staff quarter
  • Special Training Program (STP) Hostel for out of school children
  • Provision of Roof top solar system
  • Provision of sports equipment and playground facilities
  • Major repairing of school buildings

Monitoring of the Program:

  • The state has well-established civil wing. Technical Resource Persons (TRPs) recruited on contractual basis are posted at block level for monitoring and supervision work. Each TRP shall be in charge of 30 to 40 sites and is directed to visit 5 to 6 sites per day to provide technical guidance to SMC.
  • DPE posted at District level shall also visit the sites frequently for all the blocks under respective district. He shall conduct weekly meeting of all the TRPs working in the district to review & monitor the progress of work of all the civil activities being taken in the district.
  • For monitoring & review the progress of entire state, monthly meeting of all the DPEs shall be conducted at state level. The issues related with the civil works shall also be settled in monthly review meeting.
  • DPEs shall be allowed to hire the vehicle for site visits to improve quality & to check the measurements of the work done at different sites.
  • State has created monitoring cell constituted with Assistant Engineers. The members of monitoring cell shall visit the sites and offer their suggestions to improve quality of work.
  • State has developed field visit book & supplied to all the TRPs. TRP is instructed to fill up the visit book during the visit of each activity and fill up all the details including his observation about the materials, workmanship and defects noticed by him if any showing measures to rectify the same.
  • TRP shall verify the different component of civil activities and fill up checklist. After completion of checklist TRP shall prepare completion certificate, which shall be signed by 3rd party consultant & DPEs in token of its acceptance. The certificates of all the activities shall be kept at school/district and state level for record.
  • External Evaluation of Civil Works (Third Party Consultant):
  • As per guidelines of Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), GoI, third party evaluation for civil work is mandatory to have impartial opinion of the quality of the civil works. The State has adopted practice for technical audit & quality assurance of civil works hiring services of professional consultants. The services of consultants shall be hired inviting proposals from reputed professional consultant for the civil works now being undertaken. The proposals shall be invited through advertisement in the leading newspapers with the scope of work as below: -
  • The consultant or his representative shall supervise the construction work during the work under progress as specified in TOR to achieve the stipulated standards of quality in the project. If there is any discrepancy/error/omission the consultant shall point out it with his suggestions and remedial measures within codal provision.
  • The consultant shall carry out independent testing (Field & Laboratory) of construction materials and will report to SMC / TRP / District Project Engineer with his suggestions and remedial measures if any.
  • The consultant shall also verify that all the points raised in the inspection and audit note shall be strictly complied by SMC / TRP to his satisfaction.
  • On completion of work, consultant shall issue completion certificate.
  • The likely expenditure for external evaluation including material testing would be booked under State Project Office Management Cost.
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