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Darpan - Daily Student Diary

A student diary with the name ‘Darpan’ was provided to all the students of Std. 3 to 8 studying in Government Schools of Gujarat during Academic year 2019-20. It was first time that this kind of initiative was taken to provide student diary to students of Government schools in the State.

Main Features of Darpan Diary :
  • It provides overview of all-round development and academic progress of a child
  • Awareness among parents of academic progress made by their child
  • Child gets understanding of its educational journey
  • Child try to make his/her own profile better
  • Provision of Teacher and parent signature so that all are aware of student’s participation and progress in school activities
  • Two-way communication between parents and teacher resulting in a cordial relationship and understanding
Major Components of Darpan Diary :
  • About Me : This section has information about child and his family, friends, hobbies and likings
  • Timetable :Class schedules are provided which is useful for students to prepare daily study plan
  • SMC Members information : Parents can know the SMC members of the school and can contact them and teachers to discuss any relevant information or matter
  • Teacher Information : Parents know about the Teachers teaching in school and who is teaching which subject which facilitate better communication regarding child’s progress and developmental needs
  • Attendance Table : Monthly attendance summary of student to be provided. Student gets the information from teacher about attendance summary for each month and enter it to the diary. This also gives idea to parents on attendance pattern of their child.
  • Monthly Syllabus :It provides monthly mapping of syllabus for both semesters. Teacher, parents and students all can refer to this section to know about the units to be taught and learn in each month and work accordingly.
  • Assessment Results :This provide information on student’s achievement in periodic assessment tests in different subjects. Then there is also provision to reflect student’s performance in semester exams.
  • External Examinations : If a student has participated and passed in any external examination such as scholarship examinations etc. it can be mentioned here.
  • Joyful Saturday : Various activities are conducted in School as part of Joyful Saturday. Students can indicate their participation in these activities at this section of Diary.
  • Important Days : This section mentions about important days with dates. The objective is to encourage students to know more about the importance of the day and it’s history.
  • Competitions :Student can mention about participation in different competitions such as Essay writing, Debate, Elocution contest, Drawing, Cultural events, Quiz, Sports etc.
  • Projects :This provides information about projects prepared by student as per guidance of teacher.
  • Book Reading :In addition to regular academic classes, student should read books from library and can mention about them here.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) :A height and weight chart is given to understand one’s BMI.
  • Prayers :The objective is to add prayers as part of child education and development. The expectation is that child regularly do the prayer with his/her friends and connects with value education.
  • Parent – Teacher Communication :  This section provides space for teacher-parent communication. Teacher can send different important information to parents using the space in this section. Similarly, parents can also share any relevant information about the child to teacher in this section.
  • Important Information : This section covers information on different Government schemes which are important and useful for students and parents. Links for relevant educational websites and learning content is also provided.
  • Good thoughts are given at the end of each page for the motivational and inspirational purpose for students.

This Diary establishes an important connection between Student, Teacher and Parents.  This provides a medium of communication between parents and teachers to work together for academic and co-curricular development of students.