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Periodic Assessment Test (PAT)

Periodic Assessment Tests (PAT) are conducted every Saturday in all the government schools of Gujarat for Std 3 to 9. PAT supports a lot in bringing quality in teaching learning processes in the classroom. Annual PAT calendar was shared with the schools which help the teachers to complete the syllabus timely. These periodic assessments help to track the performance of the students regularly. Teachers find out the gaps in learning of the students and provide necessary support and adjust their lesson plan accordingly. A separate PAT booklet is provided to all the students for this assessment.

Initially PAT was introduced only for Std 3 to 8. Later based on positive feedback the same was also implemented with Secondary level students.

Gujarat Council of Education Research and Training (GCERT) prepares the learning outcome based assessments for these tests.

PAT is conducted on every Saturday between 8.30 am to 9.30 am in the schools and teachers evaluate the booklet within a week and sent it to the parents for their signature on it. This creates awareness among parents on the learning level and progress of their children. After getting the signature from the parents, children bring the booklet back to the school so that they can write their next test on the same booklet.

PAT is appreciated by all the stakeholders of the education system. It helps to improve the attendance of the students in the school. Teachers are completing the syllabus timely and parents are also observing their kids regularly. Regular assessment helps the students to cope out from examination phobia.

Coverage :

More than 40 lakh students studying at Elementary and Secondary level in All the Government Schools of Gujarat.