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Divyaan Application

Brief Introduction :

It is a monitoring application with Geo-tagging feature to monitor the outcomes achieved by District Coordinators, Special Educator (SE) at Cluster and School level working in pursuit of their roles and responsibilities. For this purpose, a tablet to each Special Educator has been given through which their visits to Schools, Resource Rooms and CwSN’s Home will be tracked as per the timetable called tour-dairy. Through this app, the SEs access, monitor and capture the real time data related to CwSN. The data collected will be organized at one place and generate reports and dashboards to support the decision making at State, District and Cluster levels.

Features :

The app consists of three modules- 1) Information 2) Monitoring and 3) IEP with the following features:

  • Disability-wise identification through Survey form, enrolment and attendance of CwSN
  • Disability-wise medical and UDID certification status
  • Aids & Appliances status
  • Status of allocation of benefits to CwSN (such as girls’ stipend, transport and escort allowance, etc)
  • Individualized Education Plan and Progress on the achievement of learning outcomes by CwSN
  • Capacity building of Special Educators through knowledge Repository
  • Infrastructure details of Inclusive School
  • Resource Room- Therapists visits, attendance of CwSN and Inventory checklist
  • Circulars and Notifications
  • SE’s School, Classroom, Resource Room and Home visit observation Forms
Coverage :

The app is used by 2100 Special Educators at cluster level tracking the progress of 88,000 CwSN enrolled in classes 1-8 and 10,000 + in classes 9-12.

Outcomes :
  • Perpetual availability of real time data to facilitate dynamic policy and administrative actions at state level
  • Monitor the real time progress of the activities and learning outcomes of Individual CwSN student